Press releases

26 Feb 2019: Anemic galaxy reveals deficiencies in ultra-diffuse galaxy formation theory

1 Jan 2018: Supermassive black holes control star formation in large galaxies

21 Jul 2017: Globular Clusters for Faint Galaxies

17 Apr 2017: Supermassive black holes found in two tiny galaxies

4 Jan 2017: Dozens of new ultra-diffuse galaxies discovered in Abell 2744

24 Oct 2016: A Looping Stellar Stream

25 Aug 2016: Scientists discover massive galaxy made of 99.99 percent dark matter

24 Feb 2016: SAGES member Aaron Romanowsky receives RSCA Cottrell Scholar Award

8 Feb 2016: Galactic Space Oddity Discovered

15 Oct 2015: SAGES member Jay Strader receives prestigious Packard Fellowship

27 Jul 2015: Fossil Star Clusters Reveal their Age

27 Jul 2015: Hiding in Plain Sight: Undergraduates Discover the Densest Galaxies Known

14 May 2015: The Fluffiest Galaxies

29 Apr 2015: The Dark Matter Conspiracy

30 Jun 2014: Illuminating the cosmic food chain with the Umbrella Galaxy (see also Astronomy Picture of the Day).

24 Sept 2013: Learn how SLUGGS has led to the discovery of new and interesting objects, most recently the the densest galaxy observed in the nearby Universe. Read about it the first author's, Professor Jay Strader, own words here .

16 Aug 2013: Professor Duncan Forbes explains how SLUGGS informed a fundamental question of the nature of star clusters over at The Conversation .

01 Aug 2013: New properties of star clusters emerge because of the unique capabilities of the SLUGGS Survey. Read the press release.

23 Oct 2012: Due to the breadth of the SLUGGS Survey the team was able to confirm the existence of chemically-distinct star cluster populations. Read about the implications of this finding at the Swinburne Univesity Media Centre.

12 Jun 2012: Escaping the dark ages - more info

8 Feb 2012: Dwarfs gobbling dwarfs

21 Feb 2011: Snowflake galaxies